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Shiner is situated at the junction of Hwy 90A and Hwy 95 in Lavaca County. The Methodist Church crosses and the Catholic Church steeple greet visitors from the east. From the west travelers can view the new Shiner ISD building. North or south travelers are treated to a skyline of church steeples, and glimpses of the historic downtown area. 


  • Spoetzl Brewery, 603 Brewery, 361-594-3383, the oldest independent brewery in Texas

  • The Wolters Museum, 306 S. Ave. I, 361-594-3774, housed in the 1915 Wolters home. Landscaped grounds include the Farm Implement Shed, 1870’s Herder House, Old General Store, and Shiner Jail. 

  • SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, 424 S. Ludmila St., 361-594-3836, listed in the National Register of Historical Places. 

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